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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

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Youngstown State University Intercollegiate Athletics Department believes the student-athlete experience is essential to its mission. In order to assist in accomplishing this mission, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is available to all student-athletes.

2017-18 YSU SAAC  

Mission Statement

The mission of the Youngstown State University's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is:

  • To promote efficient communication between the Athletic Administration and the student-athlete population regarding areas that impact the student's athletic, academic, and personal well-being; and
  • To actively encourage more involvement of student-athletes in campus and community projects; and
  • To encourage unity, common purpose and camaraderie between teams and among all athletes in the athletic program; and
  • To establish a relationship with student government.

SAAC Leadership Award Winners

Since 1999, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has selected a SAAC Leadership Award Winner. Criteria for the selection of the award winner include searching for opportunities to lead; enlisting others in a common vision; setting the example; recognizing individual contributions; celebrating team accomplishments; seeing an uplifting future and fostering collaboration. The award is voted on by the SAAC.

2016-17: Alan Burns (Track and Field/XC) and Mia Barchetti (Golf)
 Jon Hutnyan (Track and Field/XC) and Miranda Castiglione (Softball)
2014-15: Jon Hutnyan (Track and Field/XC) and Marta Burak (Tennis)
2013-14: Eric Rupe (Track and Field/XC) and Liz Hornberger (Basketball)
Torrian Pace (Football) and Brandi Brown (Basketball)
2011-12: Kurt Hess (Football) and Macey Nortey (Basketball)
2010-11: Spenser Sulzener (Golf) and Breanne Romero (Track and Field)
2009-10: Stephen Blose (Football) and Jennifer Johnstone (Swimming)
2008-09: Mychal Savage (Football) and Kelsey Gurganus (Basketball)
2007-08: James Terry (Football) and Michelle Fuleky (Tennis)
2006-07: Jeremiah Wright (Football) and Emily Wollet (Track and Field)
2005-06: Kyle Smith (Football) and Tiffany Patteson (Softball)
2004-05: Josh Zarlenga (Golf) and Erin Carter (Swimming)
2003-04: Adam Baumann (Basketball) and Amber Smith (Softball)
2002-03: Kurt Michaelis (Track and Field) and Amber Smith (Softball)
2001-02: P.J. Mays (Football) and Melissa Lyczkowski (Volleyball)
2000-01: Denver Williams (Football) and Dani Brown (Softball)
1999-00: Anthony Rozzo (Football) and Tamara Rudy (Volleyball)

Horizon League Outreach Award Winners

2016-17: Softball
2015-16: Softball
2014-15: Softball
2013-14: Softball
2012-13: Softball
2011-12: Softball
2010-11: Swimming & Diving
2009-10: Softball
2008-09: Women's Basketball
2007-08: Track and Field
2006-07: Track and Field
2005-06: Track and Field
2004-05: Women's Golf
2003-04: Swimming & Diving
2002-03: Swimming & Diving
2001-02: Women's Golf